Topinambur Growers Association

                                                                                                                                                                           The most important requirement for a healthy society is access to healthy food.

Animal feed

The high-quality Topinambur herb and also the tubers are used as food supplement for poultry or sheep, goats , pigs, horses as food. Topinambur offers during summer the flower and herb and in winter the tubers. Dried Topinambur grass is a delicacy thanks to its high protein content for horses, donkeys, sheep and goats.

Topinambur is not a animal feed on it’s own, but to be used as feed supplement.

Tubers can be fed in whole. Thanks to the high Inullin content an extremely positive effect on the metabolism of the animals has been observed. Tubers shall be shipped unwashed for better conservation.

Tubers can be fed in general to following animals: 

 •Cattle, horses and donkeys

 •Sheep, goats