Topinambur Growers Association

                                                                                                                                                                           The most important requirement for a healthy society is access to healthy food.


Topinabur is due to its biomass output an excellent renewable resource. The plant does not need a special type of ground to grow. The herb stem of Topinabur has good insulation properties which is at present tested also to be established as a renewable raw material (energy crops).  

Encouraging current and future fields:

•       bioenergy

•       alcohol production

•       Insulation and building materials

For the energy use , there are several possibilities. In the biogas plant the tubers have an average of 393 Litre of Methane/kg organic dry matter at an extremely good & fast fermentation Bioethanol with 4600-5500 l/ Ha. This is currently only surpassed by sugar beetroot and sugar cane with approximately 6,200 l/Ha.Topinabmur is reaching perennial high biomass yields of up to 20 tons or tuber yields of up to 13 tonnes/Ha as an energy crop.The highest herb income is reached through a harvest end of September (for Northern Hemisphere) around 20 tons per Ha . Over the winter months the herb yield drops to six to eight tons/ Ha. The Methane content of the Biogas from Topinambur is about 54%.