Topinambur Growers Association

                                                                                                                                                                           The most important requirement for a healthy society is access to healthy food.

For any kitchen

The tuber can be eaten raw as well as boiled, fried and even baked. Basically the tuber can be seen like a potato and has therefore many uses. The tubers are popular among diabetics , as they 16 % from carbohydrates in the form of multiple sugar Inullin  (not to be confused with Insulin) exist . It also reduces appetite between meals. This tuber was already used by Indians of North America on their long hikes.  Topinabur is offered with great success in various forms as product or supplement for a diet. Like the potato one can even distil Topinabur liquor. It is often referred to as “Rossler” , which is due to the importance of the Topinabur as horse feed .  One can use Topinabur as healthy and tasty side dish for salads, stews, mash, cake base. 

 Recipes will follow shortly.   Thank you for your patience.