Topinambur Growers Association

                                                                                                                                                                           The most important requirement for a healthy society is access to healthy food.

 Our Mission

Topinambur products shall become one of South Africa’s  most popular food products and they shall be seen as a healthy and nutritious food alternative and additive for the people of South Africa.

Our Role

To provide South Africa with a highly versatile and healthy food plant and exchange  Know  How  across  borders and continents

Our Pillars

If we all own it, we will all benefit.

Topinambur, the plant , its seeds, kraut and tubers shall be at all times owned by the Topinambur Growers Association. This will not only secure the quality of Topinambur products but also ensure sustainability for the project. This way we can optimize benefits being delivered to all farmers and producers joining the project. A powerful marketing strategy for all farmers, producers and factories shall be established.

The TGA shall be an independent association within a few years and we are planning to become a self-sustaining body, that will take the local gained experience and knowledge and share this with the members at all levels. These include the initial support of gaining access to training for planting, business skill development, quality awareness, factors that influence the growth and the skills to master "field to market".  

Finding great people, supporting them, drives us in sharing their positive approaches for health and social change, the world will adapt better even faster. That is why we are looking for these innovators who are open at heart and mind, have a fresh perspective on addressing challenges and have a very clear idea of their role in bringing about positive change within our society.

Our role will be based on support in the above listed areas, ensuring that the individual and or communities thrive and become a partner in the future growth of TGA. The knowledge and experience gained will enter the TGA in-house library which will allow for data capturing in areas of climate change, geographical locations and community as also tribal challenges, which will hopefully lead to a steady growth of the local rainbow nation working towards a common goal, being the well being of our nation.

In addition, as TGA grows we will focus on aligning the association with key players in other sectors, allowing for research and other forms of development to foster the future growth. This projection will not only prove a further step in commercialization of the health product and find additional revenue streams, but more importantly to allow the agricultural communities to expand and ensure a country wide roll-out of the alternative agricultural sector.

We make a conscious choice not to limit our scope because we believe in the power of a diverse network. We strive to build a community of alternative farming who work together across disciplines, sparked by their similarities and strengthened by their differences.

We want to understand what would happen if the values, processes and other challenges of the local environment were applied to areas outside of the current status. Could that provide key building blocks for further innovation? What are the conditions that optimize innovation for positive health and social change? How can openness add value to that process? This is at the core of the Foundation’s contribution to the well being of our society.

Our common goal is to create sustainable employment and allow the communities to thrive on a regular income stream, thereby creating a social up-liftment and reinstate the value of success.